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How to leave or edit a review for a session?

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After each session, of 5 or more paid minutes, you would be asked if you wish to leave a review (or rate) the session. You can leave a comment that would be visible on the advisor's page.

You can also choose to review a session later by closing the window. If you choose to do so, you have 2 weeks from the end of the session to submit your review. You can do it by going to My Orders, choosing the session and question and reviewing it. You will see a notice above any session eligible for a review that you haven't rated yet.

Within the same period of 2 weeks you can also edit a review or remove it yourself by following the same steps as to review later.

Reviews help future clients know how the advisor's previous clients felt about their sessions and helps them find their best fit. That said, please note that reviews go through an approval process and we may remove any comments containing personal information, inappropriate language or otherwise inappropriate reviews.

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