1. What is this new messaging feature? 

We have created a new, more convenient way for you to be able to contact your advisor to see if they are available to chat. The new messaging feature will allow you to send a direct message to your advisor, and receive a quicker response.

2. How do I use the new messaging feature? 

From your “My Psychics” page, when your advisor is “Away” you can click the “Message” button, and send them a direct message. They will be instantly notified, and will be able to answer you at their earliest convenience.

3. What if I don't see the "Message" button? 

The first time you want to contact an advisor using this feature, you will need to wait until he/she is “Away”. If you have already sent a message to a specific advisor, you can send another message by locating the thread via the "My Messages" page.

4. How can I find my message history? 

Your messaging and email history can be located by clicking the envelope icon located to the right of the “My Kasamba” menu.

5. So I can send my advisor as many messages as I want? 

 The new messaging feature is limited to 3 messages a day, when your advisor is online.

6. Am I still able to have a paid offline session with advisors? 

YES! You can still send offline email messages to advisors by clicking “Send Mail” from within the Advisors’ profile.