1. How do I apply the “First 3 minutes free” promotion in my sessions?

The “First 3 minutes free” promotion applies to the first three (3) chat readings you have with three unique advisors for the very first time. After 3 minutes, the session will automatically switch into "Hire" mode and you will be charged for each additional minute according to the advisor’s per-minute fee. If you decide to contact the same advisor a second time, your session will go into "Hire" mode the moment connection is established.

Please note that when you start your session there is a very clear note at the bottom of the chat suite which clearly states that the session will automatically go into hire after the 3 free minutes have elapsed. Please be advised that you as the client are given the "Quit Session" button if for any reason you do not wish to continue with the session.

For phone sessions, the 3 free minutes feature only applies to your first phone session ever on Kasamba. 

2. So I can talk to advisors’ without any credit card information?

In order to conduct a session with any advisor, you are required to wither enter your credit card information or deposit funds via PayPal.

When using credit cards, the session will only end when you click “Hang Up”. We will then charge your card the session fee (Advisor per minute rate x length of session). 

When depositing funds to your Kasamba account, the session will automatically end once you run out of funds.

3. If I click on the phone’s home button or receive a phone call while in the middle of the session, does it disconnect the session?

Pressing the home button, or just leaving the chat, will not automatically quit the session. You need to click “Hang Up”, and confirm to quit the session.

Please note that you must first make sure to end the session before quitting the application. Otherwise, the session will remain connected and you will be charged.

4. Can I contact to an advisor while he/she is away or offline?  

You can navigate to the "Messages" section in your Kasamba app and message your advisors. If you don't see your advisor in your "Messages" section, you'll need to go to their profile, and choose "send the advisor a message". Once you've sent your first message this way, the message thread will appear in your "Messages" section.

5. How can I choose an advisor?

You can select an advisor by viewing their profiles in the listed categories, or you can also select one of your preferred advisors, by selecting “My Advisors” from the Menu button at the top left.You also have the option to search an advisor by name by searching it via the magnifying glass on the top right.

6. How can I view and edit my session history and account information?

Viewing your session history can be done by accessing the "My Readings" section in your Kasamba app. However, editing your personal details can only be done via our desktop version at this time.

7. How can I access: Love Forecast and Horoscopes from the app?

Horoscopes are in the app under the "My Horoscopes" section. Love Forecast and other articles are still available to you via E-Mail messages and through the desktop version of our website at this time.

8. I can’t log in using my Kasamba account

The Kasamba App enables you to login via your Facebook or your regular Kasamba account. In order to toggle between these options, please tap the “Sign In” link at the very bottom of the first screen 

Here are links to download the Kasamba app on iOS and Android.