When your session ends, you are presented with an option to rate your advisor. 

You can select the amount of stars and add a comment with more detailed feedback of your session experience. 

 We always recommend that you rate and leave comments for advisors in order to share your experiences with other users.

*Please note that comments are also manually reviewed by our team in order to make sure they comply with our Terms of Use and may be removed if not they contain inappropriate content, violate our Terms of Use, or are irrelevant to this particular session.

You can also press "Rate Later" in order to skip rating this session for now. You will have 30 days to rate sessions that went unrated using your "Account Activity" page from our desktop site. 

Our rating system works in the following manner: 

5 stars = Outstanding

4 stars = Good

3 stars = Average

2 stars = Below Expectations

1 stars = Unacceptable