Auto Refill allows you to automatically add funds to your available account balance, allowing you to continue your reading without interruption. 

When you no longer have enough funds for additional minutes during your live reading (chat or voice), Auto Refill will automatically add funds to your Available Balance per the settings you have selected. Please note: If we're unable to charge your card for the entire amount, your session will end.

To turn on Auto Refill, go to My Wallet and click Auto Refill to select your preferred options and add a credit card to use. You will need to provide billing information for the selected credit card.

Before starting your session you will have an opportunity to update your "My Wallet" settings.

You can review your current Auto Refill settings before starting your reading by going to My Wallet. 

The number of minutes you select will be added based on the fee per minute of the advisor you are currently having a reading with. For example, with Auto Refill turned on for 10 minutes, when you are having a reading with an advisor charging $1.99/minute, $19.9 will automatically be added to your account when your Available Balance falls below $1.99.   

To update your Auto Refill settings, click on the menu button () and select My Wallet.

Click Auto Refill to see available options. Select the new number of minutes you would like to set as your Auto Refill Value or Off to turn Auto Refill off (your reading will end when your available balance does not cover additional minutes). You can also change or update the credit card used to add funds via Auto Refill. 

Additionally, you can also add funds "My Wallet" by clicking the "Add funds" option and selecting the amount and card to be used.

After your reading, any remaining balance will be available in your Kasamba account and can be used towards your next readings from the Kasamba app, mobile web, or desktop website.