On Kasamba there are 3 ways to connect to clients: Chat, Phone, and Email.  Click on the each method's respective link in order to learn more about it. 

An important thing to keep in mind is that each method has different service fees associated with it. Below is a table that breaks down all the fees on 


Service Fees

A commission and connection fee is applied to each interaction with a client on a per session basis. The fees change depending on how you engage 

your client. 

Connection OptionService Fee Connection Fee/Min

How can you have sessions without service fees? Use your Friendly URL!

Kasamba's Friendly URL is a web address that functions as a direct link to your profile page. When clients come to Kasamba through this direct link, the 

commission from those sessions is significantly lower. On Online Sessions (Chat & Voice) it is 0% and on E-mail Sessions the commission is 9%.