Answering Posted Requests is a great way to get your first session and build a loyal base of clients. 

If a client us unsure of which advisor to contact, they have the option of posting a question about love, dreams, or

whatever they want. As an advisor, you can respond to their request with insightful information demonstrating your 

ability and professional service. 

Example Posted Request from Client:

Once you enter the posted request area, you will see a list. Click on a question in you area of expertise for more 

information. When replying to a posted request, be sure you answer is relevant to each question. Replies are monitored

to ensure they maintain the high quality standards our platform provides. Copy and paste replies, bots, as well as 

inappropriate or illegal replies will be removed and the advisor will be contacted by the Kasamba abuse department. 

Here are some examples of good replies to posted requests:

"I would gladly do an intuitive tarot reading for you to see what the cards have to say about your love life, 

potential, future partners, advice, and any other details that you many not be aware of."

"I specialize in Soul Mate connections. It would be my pleasure to help you find your Twin and understand the 7

stages you will have to go through and how to deal with each stage. The benefit with my approach is that it can be 

very empowering, and help you to make desired changes in your life, if you are willing to reflect upon your choices

and actions, and alter your own thoughts and behaviors. I do not believe that the timing and the content of what will

happen to you is set in stone. Your spirit is creating your future right here and now. I can help you to tune and balance

the energy of your body, mind, and spirit so that you can better understand, manifest, and experience what you and

you spirit want. I can definitely help you with your queries and I can give you the best clarity in your situation by

providing you: 

1) What intentions does he have for you and your relationship? 

2) Do you have twin flames or soul mate compatibility?

3) If you do, then what are the time frames for reunion?

I look forward to hearing from you soon! "