Now that you have the basics, there are a couple of more things we think you should know about. 

Our goal is for you to be able to provide the best service to your clients. But, in order to make sure everything's fair, there are a few rules and regulations we think are important that you review along with our Terms and Conditions (T&C). If you come across an advisor or client who violates any of the T&C, it is important to contact the abuse department immediately. 

Sharing Contact Info

It is never permissible under any circumstances to exchange personal contact info or get payment outside of the Kasamba platform. If the client passes along his contact information to you, you need to explain to him that this is against Kasamba policy and then promptly send an email to Customer Service. 

Manipulating Ratings

Kasamba's rating system is based on giving credit where credit is due. Experts may not rate themselves or arrange for others to pose as their clients. 

Plagiarized Listings

Kasamba respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask our advisors to do the same. The use of plagiarized materials in profiles, sessions or anywhere else on LivePerson will not be tolerated. This including copying another advisor's profile or using copyrighted material without permission. 

Inappropriate Language/Behavior

Members are expected to conduct sessions with a certain level of professionalism. Kasamba does not tolerate inappropriate behavior or language. 

Fake Photo

Although not recommended, advisors may use a photo on their profile that is not a personal photo (e.g. a graphic). However, if you choose to upload a personal photo, it must be an updated photo of you. It cannot be another person or a stock or copyrighted photo. Additionally, your gender, as it appears in our records, must be truthful (i.e. advisors cannot pretend to be a woman if they are a man).