We enable you to contest an advisor’s session fee if you think that you received unsatisfactory service in offline sessions, where the fee is agreed upon prior to hiring your advisor. Note that this option is not available for live (Chat or Phone) sessions. Generally speaking there are two solid reasons for contesting an advisor’s invoice:  

  1. An advisor failed to meet a deadline that was agreed upon PRIOR to being hired by you
  2. The service did not meet the requirements that were described by you BEFORE hiring the advisor

To contest an advisor’s invoice:

  • click the Mailbox icon locate at the top right corner of the page.
  • Find the message that you wish to contest (should be in the "Confirm Invoice" stage) and Open the message
  • click on the "Contest Invoice" button

Please provide the advisor with a clear explanation as to why you are contesting the fee. After contesting the fee, the advisor has the option to provide further services and/or adjust the session fee. The advisor can also issue a final invoice.

Once you receive the final invoice, you will have eight days from the date it was issued to respond. Invoices are automatically confirmed eight days after the last day of exchanged communication.