When clients choose to pay directly via credit card, Kasamba will first place a pre-authorization on the credit card.

As we cannot determine the final fee of a session, Kasamba has a pre-authorization system which verifies that the credit card being used is valid and has enough funds. A pre-authorization is simply a temporary hold of funds within the clients bank/credit card provider.

The amount pre-authorized is usually $15, but could be more in case you have an outstanding balance in your Kasamba account.

Furthermore, Kasamba can only hold these funds for up to 10 days. Yet, if a session ends before the 10 days have passed, the funds will either:
1. Automatically be used to pay for the session, with any additional funds being released back to the client 

or 2. the full pre-authorized amount will be released directly.

Due to the nature of the site, the only way to prevent a pre-authorization is to either add funds directly from your credit card to your Kasamba account or by adding funds via PayPal.