For chat sessions your client is billed for the entire duration of time spent in session, unless it's the client's first chat with you. In that case, the client gets 3 minutes to chat for free, once that time is over, your session becomes hired. An audible chime plays and both you and your client get a written indication in the chat window that the session entered into "Hired" status. The payment is calculated for the time period that elapsed since the hired time started and until your client clicks the "Quit Session" button. The duration of the paid session is indicated by a timer that is located in the messenger window on the bottom left. Note that for subsequent sessions with your clients, where the 3 free minutes are no longer credited, the hired time begins as soon as you type the first character.

For phone sessions, the 'Hired' status begins as soon as both parties are connected in the conference call, and the time is calculated until your client hangs up their phone.

Note that we round up the time, a part of a minute is considered a full minute for billing purposes. A chat lasting 5:30 minutes is 6 paid minutes. The session fee, minus our service charge*, will be added to your Pending Earnings as soon as the session ends.

* Here's how the commission is calculated for every type of session you can have with your clients. This also appears in the terms of use.

Chat sessions: 59% commission fee + $0.17/minute connection fee.

Phone sessions: 59% commission fee + $0.25/minute connection fee.

Email sessions: 59% commission fee per individual session, no connection fee.