Taking the following steps can have a positive effect on the number of client inquiries that you receive:

Add a Kasamba profile button to your personal website/blog or even to a friend's website. Customer's coming to Kasamba for the first time through your profile will be considered your referrals and will be subject to a lower commission fee. To learn more about referrals, please click here. In order to create your profile button, please click here and follow the instructions on the page. You will be given an HTML code which can be placed on any websiteSign up for a paid Banner Ad. These ads are placed on the top right of any of the search pages, feel free to look through the search pages and you should see the ad above the list of categories. To learn more and sign up for the Banner Ad, please click 


All banner questions need to be directed to community@liveperson.com

Build a reputation and a clientele. When you reply to customers, provide the answer for a minimal fee.  This is actually a good way to build your reputation and a trusted clientele, who will hire you for your services in the future with confidence. Another way to build up your reputation is to provide your services and request payment only if the client is thoroughly satisfied. After you have proven your services the first few times, you should start charging customers your full session fee.

Publish your "Office Hours" on your Advisor's Profile. Appearing 'Online' and available for clients to hire tends to increase your business as an online advisors. If you use the Internet regularly, you may want to post the hours and the time zone that you are normally online (i.e. your "office hours") 

Let your friends and colleagues know that you are now offering your Psychic services online, and encourage them to spread the word. You can recommend Kasamba to your friends and colleagues by directing them to your Kasamba account by providing them with your Friendly URL. To learn more about the Friendly URL click here.