The following are the main reasons why listings are usually not approved. The specific reason may be one or more of these. Any listing rejected for the reasons listed below can be easily corrected by you and re-submitted for our approval.

  • Your screen name does not match the category you are registering in. The screen name is the name you will be known as at Kasamba. It is also the first thing people will see when viewing your listing. It should either be your name or reflect your expertise.  The screen name must be 3-30 characters long and must not contain special characters (e.g. %#@$~{}^*"";!+). It can contain digits, space( ), comma(,), dot(.), underscore(_), hyphen(-) and ampersand(&). For example, ‘jondoe_34’ is valid and ‘**{{jondoe34}}**’ is not. We recommend that your screen name start with a letter of the alphabet in order for your listing to be included in the 'Sort by Advisor Name' option.

  • Your listings are too brief. A good listing includes a short, yet catchy brief description, a detailed description of your expertise and services provided, and as much detail as possible about your degrees, qualifications, etc.

  • Your Listings contain multiple spelling and/or grammatical errors. Your listing is your business card. Spelling or grammar errors give your listing an unprofessional look and deter customers from contacting you. We recommend creating your listing in a word processor such as 'Word' and spell-check it, and then copy it into your profile.

  • Your listing was typed in capital letters only. We discourage the use of ALL capital letters in your listings. When a text is made up of capital letters only, it is hard to read and looks unprofessional. When you edit your listings make sure the 'Caps Lock' key on your keyboard is not pressed. Please note that the 'brief description’ must be written in lowercase letters (though one or two capitalized keywords in fine).

  • You have included your contact information in your profile.  We ask you NOT to post your personal contact information on any of your listings. This is a security measure that prevents users from contacting you outside of Kasamba and thus protects both your privacy and your client's privacy.

  • You have included inappropriate HTML tags. You may use appropriate HTML code in your profile. However, we do not allow HTML in the 'brief description'. Please note that we also do not allow any type of pop-up in your profile. Also, changing the entire background color of your profile is prohibited.

  • Your profile contains extensive linking to other sites. external links must not point to a site that provides a competing service or contact information, and must open in a separate window.

To make changes to any of your advisor listings, please follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Click on the My Kasamba icon located on the top right hand corner and choose My Profiles section
  2. Click the “Edit” link that's under the listing that you wish to change. If you need to delete a listing you can do so by clicking the “Delete” link that's next to the listing that you wish to remove.