If the Kasamba icon in your system tray appears in grey, it means that you are "Not Available" for Live Chat or Phone. To change your availability, click the Kasamba icon in your system tray, and select "Status" from the menu. You can choose from "Available to Chat" or "Available to Chat and Phone", after which the Kasamba icon will change from grey to color.

Once you are available, a flashing orange and yellow "Contact Live" button will appear next to your Advisor profile on Kasamba. If you are available for Phone, a small phone icon will appear to the right of the "Contact Live" button, as well.You can also set your Advisor Messenger to automatically change your status from "Available" to "Not Available" if you are away from your computer for a certain length of time. 

To change your availability settings, click on the Kasamba icon that is located in your system tray. Click on "Options" and check the "Online Status" check box. Enter the number of minutes  that you wish to remain "Available" for Live Chat and Phone while you are away from your computer, then click OK.