Your fees indicate to our members what you charge for chat, phone, and email services. If you are registered as an advisor in more than one category, you can enter a different fee in each listing for your Email service, however, your chat and phone session fee is common to all your advisor listings. If you change it in one listing, your other listings will also display the newly entered fee.


Your chat and phone session fee can be anywhere between $1.99 and $30.00 per minute. When choosing your live rate, please keep in mind that there is a $0.17/minute connection fee applied to all "hired" chat  sessions and a $0.25/minute connect fee applied for all phone sessions. Further, note that the "per hour fee" field is deliberately disabled. Simply enter a "per-minute fee" and then click anywhere in the next field, and the "per hour fee" will be adjusted accordingly.


If you are unsure of how much you should charge, we recommend checking out the fees of other advisors registered under the same category. Please remember though, that advisors who have been on Kasamba for a longer period of time and who have a loyal client base with many client ratings often charge a higher fee. If you are a new advisor on Kasamba, or if you have significantly less client ratings than other advisors in your category, then it is better to start off with a lower fee. You can always raise your prices after you have gained some experience and have earned consistent positive ratings.


To change your fees, log into your Kasamba account. From the My Kasamba Menu, select My Profiles. By clicking Edit under each listing, you have the option to edit the fees.