Master Profile

Your master profile is an internal copy of your psychic listing, which is NOT visible on the Kasamba website. It serves as your template. If you choose to register as an advisor in another category, all fields of your master profile are automatically filled into the new profile you create. This will be the base for each new listing, which should be relevant to each category. This way you’ll only need to edit the necessary fields when signing up as a psychic in all of your categories of expertise.

The changes you make to your Master Profile will not affect any of your existing profiles, unless you make a change to the ‘Live session fee’.  If you change the ‘Live session fee’ in your master profile, this new fee will appear in ALL of your existing profiles.

Example of Profile:

Adding a Profile: If you are a tarot reader and an astrology reader, you’ll want to set up a profile in more than one category. To do this you simply click: “Sign up as a Psychic in another category”


If you have experience in more than one category, you can add additional profiles.