Customer ratings are an integral part of the Kasamba service and are based on the customer's subjective opinion. We believe it is a fair system that gives all advisors an equal opportunity to improve their position in the listings. We will not remove a rating given legitimately by a customer.


There are two main reasons for which we will remove a rating without the customer's consent. Those reasons are: ratings given when the session experienced a technical difficulty, or if there is an evident malicious intent by the customer to rate the expert poorly upon entering the session.


If there is no reason to indicate that the rating left was given for any reason but dissatisfaction, it will not be possible for us to intervene. We trust that you will understand that we have built our ratings system to serve the long term interests of both customers and advisors and that we are trying to implement our rating policy fairly and consistently.

If you believe that a rating a client left should be removed, please contact us.