The most important part of any reading is the relationship the advisor and client build throughout their spiritual journey.

Build and Nurture your Relationships:

To make sure the client is moving in the right direction on his or her spiritual journey, it is important to maintain a stable, ongoing connection. Schedule a follow up session with your clients before you end the chat. Check in with him or her on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Ask the client if the reading helped, if the client needs another reading for additional direction.

By doing this you will quickly build a strong, positive relationship which will translate to more clients and more sessions.

Be professional and responsive:

It's important to consistently ensure that clients have a great experience with you as their advisor. Since your clients are also paying customers, remember to maintain a high level of professionalism. Many clients turn to you in a formative moment in their process of self-discovery and should be addressed politely and courteously in a timely fashion.

The spiritual path is a two way street:

The client is taking a leap of faith by inviting you to advise them on their spiritual journey. It is important that they feel in trusted hands while they are searching for answers on love and relationships and happiness. A great way to establish trust is to share a bit of yourself with your clients, share your personal journey, share your experience.

By incorporating some of the above concepts into your work, you’ll build a solid, trusted relationship with clients and perhaps their family and friends as the client embarks on his or her spiritual journey.