1. Why did you change the chat window?

As we are constantly trying to improve the user experience, our Product team has developed a cleaner, fresher look for you, our users.

2. Will I need to make any changes to my computer?

No, the new window will automatically generate when starting a chat.

3. Will this chat window work differently?

With the old chat window, the advisors we able to see what you were typing, as you typed it. With this new window, the advisor will only see your message once you click the “Send” button.  You can do this easily by clicking Enter.

You will still be able to see what the advisor writes, as they type it.

4. Can I continue to use the old chat window?

Unfortunately not, the changes made to the chat are to allow users to enjoy a state of the art platform which is compliant with new technologies.

5. Will I be able to erase any information after I press send (click enter)?

The new platform provides the option to review any information prior to sending it. Once sent, there is no way to delete it.