Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

After you've selected an advisor that offers a reading in the category you're interested in, click the "Let's chat" button. During the first 3 minutes of your session with a new advisor you may be asked to provide some details, like your date of birth, name, or similar information about anyone you're inquiring about. Most advisors require this information in order to connect with you. Your first 3 minutes are awarded for free and can be used in order to introduce yourself to your advisor and get a general idea of your advisor's style. A full reading usually takes longer than 3 minutes, but you can always rely on your first 3 minutes being free when chatting with an advisor you haven't yet had a session with.
Your credit card information is sent to Kasamba over a secure connection and is encreypted to ensure your privacy. This information is neither accessible to the psychic nor to any other third party. Your financial information is protected when you use your credit card or prefer to use PayPal or another third-party payment provider.
Our system pre-authorizes your credit card to check for validity by holding an amount of up to $15. This validation is done upon entering new credit card information to our system, as well as each time you start a new session. In both cases, the pre-authorized amounts are reversed after one hour. A pre-authorization may appear in your statement as a pending charge or a "Card check" action. Please note that this is not actual charge, but a hold of funds on your card. These funds remain in your credit account.
Our marketing team sends promotions from time to time to our exsiting users using the E-Mail address they sign up with. In case you saw a coupon or sale on a website that is not www.kasamba.com, we ask that you read the terms of that promotion clearly as they contain varying requirements to apply. Either that or it's a coupon site that is not affiliated with us and publishes codes without our consent. When in doubt, feel free to ask us first.
Make sure you whitelist our marketing E-Mail address "advice@email.kasamba.com", also please check your E-Mail subscription preferences to make sure you've set them up accordingly. If you're not sure how to whitelist, you can google it or click here.
Our system charges each session by the minute. Please note that a part of a minute is calculated as a full minute. If your final fee in a particular session or sessions isn't clear, feel free to contact us and we'll provide you with a thorough explanation about your charge.
Every promotion sent via E-Mail has an expiry date. The session you conduct needs to end before the expiry date. Note that the time zone is EST. In order to apply your promotion, you will need to first log into your Kasamba account, then go to your E-Mail where the promotion is advertised, click on the link inside the E-Mail, usually it would be an orange button. The promotion will then apply to your next session. Please pay attention to the promotion's conditions.

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