You have 30 days after your session ended in order to rate it. We always recommend that you rate and leave comments for advisors in order to share your experiences with other customers. Ratings may only appear if the session meets the following criteria:

  • Live sessions with 5 paid minutes or longer.
  • Offline Email readings with a final amount of at least $10.

    *Please note that comments are also reviewed by our team and may be removed if deemed inappropriate

In order to rate your session, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 'My Kasamba' icon located at the top right of the homepage
  2. Click on 'Account Activity'
  3. Locate the session you wish to rate
  4. Click on the session line, it's a link that pops up a new smaller window.
  5. Click on "Rate this session". Note that you only have 30 days from when the session ended to rate it.

Our rating system works in the following manner: 

5 stars = Outstanding

4 stars = Good

3 stars = Average

2 stars = Below Expectations

1 stars = Unacceptable