Your pending earnings for any given month are sent to you the following month, provided that you have earned at least $50.00 (default). This amount can be increased from within your My Earnings page. The minimum payment threshold amount is $50.00.

If you earn less than your payment threshold amount, we will hold your earnings until your payment threshold has been reached. For example, if you earned $30.00 at Kasamba in July, and $20.00 during August, we will send your earnings ($50.00) in September.

To view your pending earnings, please click on "My Earnings" from the settings menu. Please note, even if you earn over $50.00 in the first two weeks of a given month, your earnings will be sent the following month. There is no need to specifically request payment. Your payment will be automatically transferred each month, provided that your pending earnings equal or exceed $50.00 (or your minimum payment threshold amount), and that you have provided us with a valid mailing address or PayPal email address.

Please keep in mind that checks may take 7-50 days to arrive. To receive your payment immediately, choose PayPal as your preferred method of payment, or learn more about the advantages of using PayPal.

Payments are processed and transferred no later than the 10th day of each month. Exact expected payment dates are scheduled in advance and posted monthly on the advisor home page. Expected payment dates are determined in advance for your convenience, but are subject to change.